Daily Prompt: Sandwich

via Daily Prompt: Sandwich

I love sandwiches. They might childish and old school, but you know what? They pack a punch when you create them correctly. There’s places like Subway, Jimmy John’s and Quiznos. They make some good ones, but in my opinion, I make the best. By I, I mean homemade. Not to be misunderstood that I’m an undercover “chef of the sandwiches”. There’s nothing better than having homemade meals.. Yes, even if that homemade meal is a sandwich. As the picture would indicate, sandwiches are not just PB&J and Turkey with Cheese. It can be a real burger. A veggie burger. Or depending on who you are, two pieces of bread with some mayo in the middle is a sandwich. However you like it, just enjoy it that way. My particular favorite is Turkey with Colby Jack cheese. Forget about it. It takes the cake every time and with mustard on it too. Ugh. Don’t get me started. There’s a since of innocent, wonderful memories that come with eating a sandwich. Think about it.. Your mom used to make you sandwiches when you were growing up. As you got older, you start to experiment which ones you like the best. That wonder of “is this one going to be better than the last?” or “will this fuck my stomach up?”.. I mean you never know depending on what you put on it. I have to say they’re the easiest thing to make, but you can mess them up if you don’t put things together that will actually be GOOD TOGETHER. Well, that’s all I have on this topic. Have a great day everyone!


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