My thoughts on Orlando,Fl

Hello Quinnies! So, it’s been a while I know. I have had so much going on it’s I N S A N E. We had love button’s little brothers graduation on the 3rd, my aunts’ birthday party last weekend and this week my best friend’s wedding is happening!! I’m the maid of honor ! Just throwing it out there 🙂 I’ve also been slacking a little bit because I’ve been feeling kinda down about myself lately. I hate my job, I’ve got multiple jobs, I seem to not be able to do anything right and it’s very frustrating to get out of bed in the morning just to head to a day of disappointment in myself. The job I hate (my full time job) has not gotten any better at all. They pull like 160 out of my checks every month for coverage I’m only going to use barely a handful of times throughout the year, my love button is fighting something from the past (throws it back in my face from time to time) and he and I are trying to get pregnant and we haven’t accomplished that yet. I feel like it may be PCOS on my side, of course. But, I’m feeling pretty upset about that too.

My co-worker keeps asking me about my blog, SO I figured I’d better update it. So, nothing too interesting outside of the listed above has happened.

I would like to talk a little bit about this Orlando, Fl business (literally just a little). What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On? So, they released that the woman who was married to the man who committed the club murders knew he was going to do it. Now this could just be me (and yes I do know that since they were married, legally she did not have to tell the police anything due to confidentiality between husband and wife), but I feel like she should’ve went to the police about it. Like, you were the only person who knew what he was about to do! You could’ve saved dozens of peoples lives. Like, heffa! What do you think this is exactly? You thought he was just playing and that it was a game?! Sooo retarded. I hate to know that she knew that and didn’t do anything about it. I read this earlier this morning, so if there is any new information.. I have not been updated. This is only my opinion though. I think it’s ridiculous that she didn’t even try. One of my little sister and I’s friends since middle school made a post on FB the other day.. He’s a gay man. He only came out within the last couple years and when he read about this incident on Facebook he felt it necessary to voice his opinion. The good thing about it is I agree with him. He stated something along the lines of more equality and how it’s impossible for the LGBT community to do anything. I’m definitely in full understanding of my sexuality (definitely interested in only guys), but what he said is true! It doesn’t matter what you do sexually or how you do it.. Quite honestly it’s none of our damn business what people do in the privacy of their own home and bedroom and even walking down the street. Our friend said that he and his boyfriend have been walking down the street holding hands and people have been very terrible to them. Acting like they’re better then our friend because they can hold hands with an individual of the opposite sex. I personally don’t give a shit what you do and who you do it with as long as it makes you happy. If y’all aren’t causing a ‘Columbine’ scene or wanting to rape little kids like the rest of these heterosexuals you hear about all the time in school and on the news, then why the hell does it matter?? Leave it alone. Mind your own and keep your thoughts/actions to yourself.. Dummies.

Also, the baby and the alligator??? Where were the parents? Where was the handler to come and get this damn animal. Might be stupid to say, but WTF?? How did the alligator even get close enough to get the baby.. Soo many questions and so many unanswered. More to come on my opinion on this once more information has been released. I have A LOT to say on that one.

Well, I hope you all have a great night and I’ll talk to you guys soon!!! Bye and goodnight!!! 🙂


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