Day of Relief

Hello Quinn babies! Sorry for the wait on my blogs. I have been so distracted opening up my new business. I can’t wait for it to be officially all mine and then I can announce it to the whole world! “Standing on the rooftops everybody sing your heart out!!!” The realest line for my excitement right now.

Aside from that business, I have my resume’ business that I’m working on marketing and trying to get that to take off as well. So, quick shout out if you guys know anyone that needs a resume’ completed.. Feel free to tell them to contact me on Fiverr – search for resume’s and it’s for Briana Quinn. Just sayin’..

I learned today that my older sister has wayyyy more wisdom than I do (at times :)). I was about to have a mental breakdown at work today and when I called her she answered. I think she could sense that I needed to talk since typically she doesn’t answer the phone when she’s at work. UNLESS! She’s on her lunch break or in the bathroom, of course. That’s like any typical being though. Anyways, I was having a breakdown.. She gave me the wisdom of looking into my future and not my present or the past and to focus on what I have going on with me. As far as like my success that I can’t wait to bring into the Quinn world. The Scott world, too, but you know what I mean.. Hell.

Literally, I told her that my lunch was at 1 and I was not going to come back from lunch either. All I had to do was walk to my car and go home. I wouldn’t have even thought twice about it. In tears and everything, little does she know. No, this place is not the job of my dreams as I once dreamt it would be. It’s in fact far from it. I absolutely DESPISE my job. I don’t know anyone at my job who actually enjoys it. Well, outside of the snitches and bitches up there. There’s a main one in particular who gets onnnn my damn nerves. Like seriously. I don’t care if you got promoted or not.. Why tf is there a girl who was in my training class three weeks ago doing supervisor work?? Just because y’all grew up together. Bitch, bye. Like seriously.. That’s so stupid. I didn’t leave one Time Warner location to walk into another one. You have the same type of pettiness that happened at one of the TWC locations happening at this place. Like I don’t have time for that. We’re all grown, right? How ’bout we act like it? Thanks.

Anyways, back on to my sister. She’s the best! I can’t believe I get blessed with the two best sisters in this world!! Today, the oldest one shined and brought my back to my path of happiness. I’ll forever be grateful. Seriously. I was getting ready to do something I would really regret later. Just because of my priorities.. NOT because I would miss it by any means.

Well, the struggle has been real today and I hope to have a greater blessed day tomorrow!!! Everyone have a great night and I’ll talk to y’all soon!!!




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