Hello Quinn babies! Sorry I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday, but I just want to say the Lil Man graduated yesterday!! I’m very proud of him! He’s come a long way. Even though he’s missed a good almost 30 days of school this past year 😀 It’s okay though because he passed and walked the stage! He’s a great brother, man.

06-04-2016 part 2 003

Graduations are spent with people that you love the most and that support you no matter what. We had a great day yesterday!!

There is one thing I’d like to talk about, though. That’s parents.

Lesson number two: your parents are always your parents no matter what. Unless they haven’t been there. There’s a deeper reason I say this. Once parents have left the picture, broken that bond and kicked you to the curb (basically), you start to realize that you have to outsource your support and love from other individuals. It’s good to see parents around their children. I, on the other hand, did not have both parents in my life for my graduation. In fact, my “aunt and uncle” came to support me. I’ll forever be appreciative of them for that. That whole family is the Just sent from heaven. My boyfriends family came, too, but they were also there for him. It’s not the same, you know?? Yesterday, both of my boyfriends’ parents were there to support Lil Man as he walked the stage.

They haven’t been together in YEARS, so it was really good to see them there to support this dude on his big day. But let me explain why I brought up this point to begin with.. On important events, parents NEED to be there. Nobody wants to enjoy their big days alone. It’s sad when you see kids (more likely teens, not literal kids) alone and having to do things by themselves. I just feel bad. Every child in this world only gets the two parents. Whether it be birth parents, adoptive parents or step-parents. Now since the main topic is graduations, I wanted my parents to be there. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it (I think someone in my family used the excuse that they didn’t know when I graduated).

Basically what I’m saying is: If you’re a parent, then be there for your kids always and forever. Yes, they’re going to get on your nerves. They’re going to push your buttons and annoy the hell out of you, but you’re the parent. You brought them into this world. You have to take care of them.. There’s options if you don’t want them in your life or maybe you can’t afford to have them in your life. Or if you think that they will be better off without you.. Don’t wait until they’re 18 to tell them that. Just be beneficial for them.

Hopefully all of this makes sense. Just a thought I had.

I’m actually about to head out to have lunch with my love button at Cotton Patch and then head to a BBQ for Lil Man’s graduation celebration!  A whole weekend full of him and his family this weekend!!! I’ll talk to you guys later and have a great Saturday!!!



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