It’s raining, it’s pouring… Why?

Hello Quinn babies! Let me tell you about this exhausting day I freaking had!! It really wasn’t that bad, actually. I know one thing, though.. If it takes you 22 years to do something in the medical industry, that may just mean you’re not cut out for it. I know I’m not going to make it with this job I have. It’s cool and everything like real relaxed, but.. Yeah, I need to move around from Call Centers. Oops, I mean Contact Centers (rolling my eyes). That’s what my job likes us to refer to it as. They think it makes the clientele feel more comfortable about scheduling their exams with us. Almost all of them are full of it, though. Lesson number one: Don’t work at a call center! They’re frustrating, no bueno and ridiculous. For instance, I may not get back to back calls at the one I’m at now, but the calls I do get.. Lord have Mercy, Jesus. A lady today called to receive some information about her recent appointments. You know, things I can’t really go into detail about due to HIPAA. But, I’m trying to help her out and she has the nerve to hang up on me and say I just don’t have time for this right now. Like lady.. You called me!! I didn’t call you! How do you not have the time to talk about it?? Bye Felicia..

Then, we have open enrollment at work this week for health care coverage.. I typically don’t speak on the topic because I’m terrible with politics, BUT why would I pay for healthcare coverage that costs me almost 300 a month. It’s just me on my plan, by the way. When I can go to the MarketPlace and get the same coverage (medical, dental and vision) for 120 a month. Now, it only makes it simpler to go through your place of employment. Why? Because you can change it almost whenever you want and they give you this handy little card known as the HSA card. It’s a Health Savings Account (which my start date was April 25,2016 and I have yet to receive this card). Our insurance kicks in tomorrow and yet I haven’t received the way that I will be paying for my doctors appointments. With that being said, why the hell do I have it? So stupid. Seriously.. Never work for this company I work for (I’ve told some people about my blog, so to cover myself I won’t be telling my full-time jobs name. Don’t need them calling this slander). For my job, you can just call me Cady Heron. Everyone I work with is like a bunch of wild animals. You have the lionesses, their cubs, the snitches and their bitches and then you have my people. I’ll call my people the female Damian and Janis (not literal definitions of them). It’s everyone else you have to look out for.. I’ll be damned if we literally don’t have the Mean Girls at this circus, too. Eventually I’ll go into more detail.

So, today it started raining. Like literally I heard thunder and it was like the trench that was holding it all together (otherwise known as clouds) just collapsed. All of this rain just exploded from the sky. Just ridiculous. I live about 20 minutes away from my job and it took about 2 hours to get home. It was an hour and 45 minutes to be exact (rolling my eyes…again). I hate the rain. The people here act like they don’t know how to drive all of a sudden. Causing accidents. Not to mention the flooding I experienced on my way home. I was just happy to be out of it. I ate some din-din and I’m about to call it a night.

Gotta wait on my love button, though! He was the only thing that made me smile and laugh today! I swear. You know I have to save the best for last. Every time I talked to him today, he had nothing but GREAT news for me. I anticipated every text and call from him. Then, to top it all off.. When he knew I was off.. I texted prior and told him it was raining pretty bad.. He called me and the first thing he said was “Are you okay, babe?”. Just melted my little soft spot I call a heart. I’m just lucky to have a man like him who cares so much. For those of you who don’t know, I write music. Just songs. Sometimes it’s hard to find music to go with the songs once it’s already written, but yeah. I have a song I wrote for him and I can’t wait to let him hear it. He typically loves the songs I write, but that doesn’t stop me from being a little hesitant and nervous about showing it to him. It was for our anniversary yesterday, but I ended up falling asleep before he got home! Apparently, I was exhausted at 11:30 at night. Imagine that.. A 22 year old woman who falls asleep at 11:30!

Well guys, I hope you have a great night and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!!



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