My Heart Goes Out to Her Baby

Hello my Quinn babies! Today I have had something on my mind. The day started off perfectly! My lovely boyfriend and I had some much needed nudey time and then we relaxed and watched some Catfish (the TV show)! I always love spending time with him. After everything that has happened within the last couple months, I can’t wait for every future moment we get to spend together. Today is our monthly anniversary! Yes, we are silly and lame. We do yearly and monthly anniversaries, but we love it that way!! πŸ™‚

Some background on me, I work at a Contact Center for a medical company. I also Favor in my down time. As well as, write resume’s for those who need the assistance. I’m also starting up my YouTube Channel again. A lovely series I call ‘Bout it with Bree’ (thanks to the help of my fabulous, writer sister, Teeka). I’m sure Teeka is reading this and looking at all of my grammatical errors. Sorry Tark, but we can’t all be geniuses in the writing area. Please give me a break! πŸ™‚

Yes, I’m a very busy woman at times, thus the name “Quinnland Universal Theme Park” was born. I have a lot going on and all at the same time I am able to balance starting a life all over again with my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. I can’t imagine life without him. I had it happen once (which was mostly my fault, but it does take ‘2 to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it out of sight’) and I will never let it happen again. I’m holding onto this man for the rest of my life until death do us part.

Anyways, I spoke with a woman a few days ago who said that she was going through some things and knew that she needed to see the doctor. I asked her what her issues were and she simply stated “I’m 40, I’ve had my tubes tied and now I’m pregnant”. She went on to say that she did not know what she would do with the baby since she has one in college already. Now typically I try not to get involved unless asked to, BUT I asked what she meant by that. She came back and said that she wanted anΒ abortion. I’m pretty outspoken about how I feel about that. I’m definitely Pro-Life. Say what you want, but terminating a pregnancy is terminating a blessing that God had for all of us. Hell that child could be the next Beyonce’ or the next Ghandi. You’ll learn as time goes on what I truly feel on the matter, but for now that will do.

It’s been on my mind so heavily because of my disbelief in the procedure, I guess. That and I don’t think anyone has ever straight up told me that’s their intentions. I think it goes against everything God put us on this earth to do. He put us here to procreate with one another. Well, that’s definitely part of the reason if nothing else. Ugh! I just wish people could not be so selfish. So what you have a child in college! The doctor tells you your warnings before you tie your tubes and one of the side effects (if you can call it that) of that procedure is possible tubal pregnancy. If you don’t want to get pregnant, tie your tubes and get on birth control. Or.. how about your 40!!! It’s close to time for you to stop having sex anyways… Tragic.

Okay, I’m off my pissy high horse. It’s Memorial Day and my love button (my boyfriend) is stuck at work. Hopefully, he has a great day and he can sell as much as he wants! Oh, what does he sell you might ask?? Cars. He sells cars. He’s my light-skin, curly haired dream and sells his favorite brand of car. Honda. He can work on them from the inside out and he can for sure sell the hell out of one to you. Just to add a little bit of a sales pitch in there for him lol. I’m sure his NTX EP3 brethren are very excited to know where they can go to have trusted hands working on their cars or to sell them a new one.

Well, hopefully you guys can enjoy the holiday and get well rested for your work day tomorrow! I, on the other hand, will be grilling and being fat here shortly! Then, I’ll be getting ready for work tomorrow myself. Have a great night and talk to you soon πŸ™‚


-Diary of a Forgiven Mixed Woman


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